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Default 2 broken jet skis

Hey there, new to the forum but hoping someone may have some insight. My parents have 2 sea doo's that are both not working. One is a GTX 01, and the other is a 2008 or 2009 GTI 130 4tech, 3 seater. We are taking friends up this week and my parents are having trouble getting them fixed and I'm just looking for any ideas for if we may get them fixed asap.

The newer model Sea Doo seems may be a quicker fix. For the most part it seems to run fine, no maintenance warnings on the display and it runs at the normal RPMs. However it seems to run much louder than normal. It is like the engine/water noise is twice what it normally is. In addition when we tried to ski off of it, which we do regularly, it hardly had enough power to pull up the skiier. So for some reason it doesn't have the power to pull up a rider like it normally does and it also runs much louder than normal. We put new spark plugs on with no change in performance. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The GTX 01 may have bigger problems. It seems to run okay after setting for a bit but very shortly after, like 5 minutes or so, it sounds like a cylinder starts to miss and then it progresses until it stalls out. It won't start right back up, but if you wait a minute it should start and then go through the process again. We changed the spark plugs and the spark plug caps with no better results. The history on this ski is that it did get water in it that seized the engine. However within hours of that happening we were able to change the spark plugs and get all the water out, and it ran fine. That was more than 2 months ago. With this one we are considering a cracked cylinder head or possibly a malfunctioning rectifier? Any logic to those ideas?

Any information or help with troubleshooting these would be great. We are trying to get a pro out to look at them but at the same time are on a time crunch because we are taking up friends in only a few days. My wife and I dread having to tell their son, who has never been on a jet, that they are both broke! Again thanks for anything you guys can point me towards.

Also on both ski's the gas was drained and the gas wasn't the problem.

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I am fairly sure that the problem with the 09 GTI is drive train related. Check under the grate for debris or something wrapped around the shaft or impeller. If it were engine related there would be an alarm with a code. That is why it sounds louder as well. Check the impeller and bearings.

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Thanks for the quick reply. We had that thought, my dad pulled the ski out of the water and took a look at the intake but didn't see anything right away. I haven't seen it with my own eyes. If that is what is wrong with it, is it even worth trying to troubleshoot and fix myself or is this a pro job for sure? To give you a better idea, on my cars, I do the oil, brakes, and am not afraid to get my hands dirty, but would this be a simple disassemble with common tools and pull out debris, or is it much more than that where a pro would need to be hired due to tools or knowledge etc?

Thanks again
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To just check the intake to see if it has debris there is hardly no work needed get the jetski out of the water and see if there are grass or something in there then go to the back of the ski and check inside that nossle with a light and see if there is crap in there...

For the GTX did you check compression on it to see if maybe you have a low cylinder if so it could just mean it is time for a new piston and set of rings it happened to me on a zxi 1100
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