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Default RXP... Seized up?

I am familiar more with the two stroke models, so this 07 RXP is new to me.... anyways my buddy can't get it started, wanted me to look at it. It makes a noise down near the starter, but doesn't turn over at all. On a two stroke, I can pull a spark plug, and stick a long, blunt screwdriver down inside and push down on the piston to see if it's seized. I tried that on this one, couldnt do anything at all with it.... pushed and the piston wouldn't move.. so I went underneath, removed the intake grate and tried to turn the impeller shaft, and that also won't turn, even with significant force. It seems to me it's locked up.

Is there anything different about the inner workings of a 4 stroke that would make it so that the impeller can't turn when the starter isn't what's turning it? I hope this makes sense, but I am leaning toward it's locked up, so I want to make sure.
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Damn... didn't seem like that complicated a question... 10 days and nothing.

Should you be able to turn the crank on an 07 RXP by hand?
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I have notice people don't like to respond on this forum, nobody has answered mine in a couple days yet it has over 50 views? Wtf people.

Anyways, the answer is yes you should be able to with all the plugs out of it.
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I have owned about 4 Seadoo 1500 cc supercharged engines. I am not a mechanic but my friend is. I will give him a call and see what he thinks. I never had the problem you are dealing with so I can't comment. I would pull the dip stick and see where the oil level is first. Make sure you pull all the plugs so it will turn easier. I never heard of one seizing up with the proper oil level. Even my 2006 RXT with a RIVA STAGE III kit pushing out approx. 300 HP @ 8450 RPMS has never given me any trouble. Shouldn't be a cooling issue since they are closed loop unless it was out of coolant. I will try too find out more and get back to you. Also try the GREEN HULK forum. But remember this is the off season for most of us and we don't hop on the forum as much compared to summer.

Good Luck- Bob

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ya mine is doing the same thing and i cant figure it out. one of my buddies said to take all the spark plugs out and put that mystery oil in it to loosen it up but i dont know if that would work but i tried everything you did
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