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05 GPR 1300 Help??

I recently inherited a 05 GPR 1300 with only 96 hours on it. When I first got it, i rode it for about 10 minutes on a lake with no known issues. I then took it to have it serviced with an inspection done. Compression was great and all cylinders, the ski was greased and lubed up for the season with the spark plugs being changed in addition. The d-plate was previously installed in addition to the CAT sensor and the CAT was removed. So all good things.

I took the ski out yesterday and drove it for about 30 minutes without issue when suddenly the warning light started flashing, I then drove it for about five more minutes to get it docked with the light flashing and cut the engine off. Waited about five minutes and then started her up and with no warning light flashing. I thenlet her run for about five minutes with no light activating.

I then took her out this morning and again she ran great for 30 minutes and then the warning light and beep came on this time. Then I noticed the engine light was flashing along with the exhaust overheat light as well. Rode her back to the dock which took about 10 minutes this time all the while listening to that annoying beeping. I then cut her off and let her rest for about five minutes. Started her up in the water and the codes, warning light and beeping were gone. I then got back on the ski and took her out for about five 10 minutes riding it hard with no issues.

What do I have here fellas?
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