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1996 ZXI 900 limited to ~6500 RPM after some usage

Hello there! Just throwing this all out there to spur some discussion while I reload the parts cannon for my ski.

I've got a 1996 ZXI 900 that I've put a fair amount of time into and it's running pretty much great. Sometimes. Iv'e rebuilt the carbs, eliminated the choke in favor of a primer kit.. It's got a new crank, seals, bored over 1.5mm cylinders, new rings and pistons. It's a fully rebuilt motor.

When I got the ski there was evidence of standing water in the stator housing. Rather than replace the stator I cleaned it best I could and ran it. It produces charging voltage and runs the ski. Trim box is fully rebuilt with new cables and seals. Trim works great. Jet pump is all new with a 1 season old Solas impeller, bearings, shaft, wear ring, everything.

The problem is, and I don't know if it's a heat soak issue, but after say 15 or so minutes of just full throttle it seems to drop a cylinder or cut back on power. It'll get up on a plane but barely, while being limited to around 6500 rpm. It has the oil pump delete and, like an idiot, I removed the front cooler cover too off the stator cover at the same time. I've been able to find the cooler cover in my parts pile and new orings, and that's all back together now while I wait for my new stator to arrive. I guess the ultimate question here is, can heat soak cause the stator if it's weak or damaged to crap out partially? Pisser water flow is excellent, with no signs of any gasses being pushed out.
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