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Hi Bill, welcome to forum
My biggest concerns would be, in order of priority.
1) did water get deep enough to get into the engine. Carbs would be the only way in. So if it's below the bottom of the air box it may be ok. Motor will probably need a complete go over tear down, before fire up. Remove the cover over the coupling at the rear of motor and try to turn by hand to see if it seized.

2) did water freezing do any hull damage? Look close at hull inside/out for cracks.

With setting that long with lots of water inside will have been hard on the motor. Even worse if it wasn't fogged for winter storage. So figure on investing in a motor rebuild. That can get expensive if you need a crank.
If it comes with a trailer that's in good shape $100/200 hundred would be tops for me. There's a lot of unknowns here. But if the hull is sound. And motor isn't seized it's doable.
If your a machanicly inclined there easy to work on and pretty strait forward 2stroke. Parts are readily available. Either new or used on eBay.

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