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  • rodsatheart ·
    I am by far an expert, but thanks. I'm just an avid PWC owner trying to help other here. My knowledge is very limited, but I'm learning.
    I think you will be very happy with that ski. You don't have to have the most powerful on on the water to have a blast, and actually, the more mower you have, the more attention you have pay to the ski to keep the power under control and usable.
    Yamaha makes a very good ski, and with proper maint. it will last many,many years. Since it will be your first one, I highly recommend you acquire a copy of the owners manual, and read up on use and maint. The big no no with any PWC is do not operate it in less than 2 feet of water. It can and will suck of sand and sediment and can restrict of completely block off the cooling system along with possible damage to the jet pump assy.
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