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  • Muddogss33 ·
    I'm wanting to buy a used pwc and I've found a 2000 Yamaha xlt1200 with 109 hours and all maintaince records since new, been serviced twice a year and a 2003 xlt1200 with 174 hrs on it, can you tell me are these good models to be looking at and what to look for if I go look at them in person? Thanks for your time
    Ernest T ·
    Sorry I don't have a service manual for that year. I'd make sure you have the correct wires to the correct plugs. They should be marked. Only time I've seen backfire problems is when the timing was off.
    Rascal ·
    what is the spark plug firing order for my 2005 Yamaha Waverunner fx cruiser? When trying to start backfire from exhaust. Solution?
    gripnripit ·
    Ernest T, thank you for the diagnosis on my Yamaha FZs - you called it - clutch is gone on the supercharging system. Dealer's doing a warranty repair on it. Really appreciate your input, Jay from near Seattle.
    Ernest T ·
    If you were able to start it and it ran, then it is unlikely you did any damage. It would take more than 15 seconds to get any water in there. I think you are fine. My recommendation is ride it as soon as possible, since that is the best cure.
    hutcho ·
    Hi Ernest T,

    Sending you a private message as I see from other posts you have very good knowledge of jet skis and engines.

    I have a Yamaha FXHO 160 (2006).

    By mistake I turned off the engine before turning off the hose the other day. Once I realised 10-15 seconds later I started the ski again. And then turned off the hose ran is for a few more seconds and then stopped the engine.

    With the front seat off when the engine was running I noticed a bit of steam coming out of the engine bay.
    I can’t remember starting the engine with the front seat off before so wasn’t sure if it was normal?

    Also to add the hose water pressure is very low, not sure if this has saved me/my ski..

    Can you please tell me how to check if I have water in the engine?
    slabar ·

    I wanted to reach out to you directly as you seem to be the most knowledgeable on these forums. I have a 2008 Yamaha FX 1100 HO that will not get up to full speed. I was told that this is most likely a shifter problem.

    However, I have no idea what they mean by that??? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Lake Erie rider ·
    Hi Ernest T,
    Troubleshooting stuck open injector for cylinder #2 indicates problem with ECU. I was wondering if you have a source for new ECU's that you trust and have had good luck with. Big investment for something that can't be returned if it comes with a problem.
    Steve650 ·
    Hi Ernest, posted on this site earlier, problem with 1995 wave raider 701 62t engine twin carb, could you possibly look at my post & help me out, love jet skiing, just want the ski to run right, this site seems like the best place to get ski finally sorted, thanks in advance, Steve, new member
    Lake Erie rider ·
    Hey Ernest, I have 2004 yamaha fx cruiser that seems to have a stuck fuel injector. Found that it is constantly flowing fuel until the unit is shut down. Electrically disconnected affected injector and it no longer flows fuel. Does this indicate that the injector is getting a constant signal to flow fuel? What would be my next step for troubleshooting this problem. I found this while doing compression check. It's on cyl. 2.
    cuba026 ·
    I have a 2007 vx 110 deluxe under the seat is a breather with a hose where does that hose go to on the other end.? thank you.
    davdr ·
    I am getting a drop in voltage after I run my 2006 Yamaha vx 110 deluxe for around 10 min. I have replaced the battery, swapped rectifier/regulator. voltage while running never get much above 12 volts then drops to around 11.9 warning light then come on. this all started after kids over fill oil and yes found oil in filter. HELP!!
    rhdodson ·
    Posted a general question on the forum today but this one I would appreciate your input - I was reading some older posts and I saw one where you mentioned you had the YDS diagnostics system. I now have 2 skis and run them both exclusively in salt water - I think I want the YDS setup as well so I looked around on the web and there appears to be official Yami programs as well as aftermarket systems - is there an appreciable difference between them and what do you recommend. Thx in advance, RD
    brendanb ·
    Finaly got onto the dealer today and they are saying it will most likely be the oil thermostat that can fault and cause the same problems as a typical oil overfill.
    But i find it hard to believe that a thermostat issue could explain why the oil is showing 3cm above the full mark when the motor is cold? and also cause all the same symtoms as the oil overfill, or are they just trying say theres another issue so they dont have to take responsability for the oil overfill?
    brendanb ·
    Thank you yeah will do, Ive spent a fair bit of time reading up on these motors and i have also discovered the dealer has overfilled the oil. I didn't think much off it when i first opened it up but now its very apparent. there is oil through out the motor everywhere and it has destroyed the air filter. So maybe that's what caused the hose to come loose regarding that error 54. When i check the oil its a good three center meters above the full mark, however Im now not game enough to run the ski through the hose for 15 minutes to check it when its warm. im going to take it back to them when they re open after the new year.
    the motor is running really really rough so im hoping there hasn't been to much damage done. can i ask what type of pressure should it be spitting out when they do the compression test? or any other things i should look out for if its done damage and the dealer tries to get out of it?
    I only had the ski serviced by them 4 or so hours use ago.
    brendanb ·
    Hi Ernest T,

    With that 06 fx ho with the error code 54 i did what you said and found a really loose hose that could just slip off. Once i fixed it i was not getting the error any more. however i just put it into the river today and it seems to be running extremly rich and has trouble iddeling. I can also smell alot of fuel and can see a fair bit of either fuel (dont think its oil) in the water. it was also running very sluggish and had trouble getting off the mark.. but im not getting that error 54 anymore. could this still be linked to the same issue?


    Kent ·
    Ernest T,

    I am new to this forum. Need a little more clarification on where to spray the fogging oil for a 2010 FX HO. I saw the hose diagram you sent out. Which hose do I spray the fogging fluid in?
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