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  1. Hull Swap

    Yamaha Jetski
    Ok so does anyone know if a hull swap is relatovely easy between a GP800r and a GP1200r?.I could not find any hulls for a 800r but a few for a 1200r. If anyone has insight on this thanks in advance.
  2. Yamaha waverunner GP series

    Yamaha Jetski
    OK, so I have a 2005 gp 800r with a totaled hull but excellent running motor. I am wondering about doing a motor swap into another one.... Does it have to be a GP series or will it fit in other models. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Even if someone might have one for sale I want it...
  3. New To Forum From SE Michigan

    New Member Introductions
    I need a new hull as it was involved in a collision with estimates of 7000$+ which arent worth fixing if I'm able to find a hull from 01-08 that I can swap my motor into.
  4. Yamaha 2003 gp1300r Blown engine

    Yamaha Jetski
    Would you consider selling the Hull??? PM me if so!
  5. WTB: 01-08 Yamaha GP800r/GP1300r Hull

    PWC Jetski Classifieds
    Recently, my ski was involved in an accident that is totaling over 7K$ in fiberglass repair, it is my hope that maybe someone has a hull for sale from the year and models I posted. Anything would be appreciated. Price doesn't matter as long as we both come to a fair trade It can have engine...
  6. New To Forum From SE Michigan

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all, my name is Dan. From Southeast Michigan Ann Arbor Area, my ski is a 05 Yamaha GP800r Looking to learn more about everything as well as get a new hull soon if possible! Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results