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  1. Is anyone else seeing this?

    General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Did you ever figure this out ?
  2. Is anyone else seeing this?

    General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Mine looks normal. Might try updating your browser and cleaning the cookies. Might also disable hardware acceleration under the browsers options. I was having big issues with my computer crashing, and finally found something that said to disable it. Tried it last week, and so far no blue screen...
  3. 2001 XL800 hard to start after a few days

    Yamaha Jetski
    Pop off is the amount of pressure needed to unseat the needle. It is checked with a pop off gauge. When you did a carb rebuild, did you replace the needle and spring or reuse the old ? For someone that is new to these carbs, I always recommend reusing the old needle, and unless the spring is...
  4. Where to flush 93 vxr650 waverunner

    Yamaha Jetski
    If I remember right, there is a plug on the exhaust manifold with a screwdriver slot that has to be removed and a flush adapter installed in it's place.
  5. Avitar

    General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Who has had their avitar disappear with the site update ?
  6. fuel return question

    Tigershark Jetski
    Fuel tank has to have a return line. The oil injection system can be deleted IF it does not feed any crank bearings or balance shafts, basically if it ONLY feeds oil to the carbs. The systems are very reliable and usually way outlive the engines when maintained.
  7. Water Logged

    General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Flywheel should be fine with some cleaning. Coils would prob. be ok with some cleaning, but since your this far, might as well replace them and eliminate any possibilities. Be sure and use only true Mikuni rebuild kits.
  8. 2001 XL800 hard to start after a few days

    Yamaha Jetski
    When is the last time the carbs were rebuilt ?
  9. Clogged 1993 seadoo xp

    Sea-Doo Jetski
    Prob. need to start by pulling the cooling lines off and blowing them out.
  10. 98 yami waverunner xl1200 part removal?

    Yamaha Jetski
    I would have to see some pictures to be able to help.
  11. Wave Runner FX 1000 engine cuts off no low RPM

    Yamaha Jetski
    Could just be the battery is going bad or a loose or dirty connection. Does it seem to be cranking over slower than normal when your trying to start it ?
  12. 2005 kawasaki STX-15F will not go above 5200 RPM

    Kawasaki Jetski
    This could be a tough one for me personally. Have you verified the oil level at operating temp (after about 5 min of easy riding) ? Open the air box and look for oil. I believe there is a sealed tube that comes off the air box also. Check and make sure it is empty.
  13. How to flush an engine that won't start

    Yamaha Jetski
    No it wont blow seals. What happens is water backs up in the exhaust and can then back up all the way through the exhaust manifold. The only possible way I can think of at the moment is to remove the water box so any water that comes out of the pipe will dump into the hull and have the tongue of...
  14. 93 yamaha VXR PRO 701cc

    New Member Introductions
    If the wire is coming off the head, it might be the temp sensor. Make sure the battery is fully charged and good.
  15. Yamaha 94 Blaster Trouble

    General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    There is a air leak somewhere. Could be crank seals, reed gaskets or carb base gaskets, but I would also make sure the throttle cable has a little slack in it. Have you done a carb rebuild lately ?
  16. 97 Kawi 1100 STX overheating

    Kawasaki Jetski
    If you have everything clear, and all gaskets are installed correctly, you should be good. Back it into the water, fire it off and let it idle for a bit on the trailer while feeling the head. If it stays cool you should be good. If it gets to hot to touch, it's getting hot. If it stays cool to...
  17. Winterize

    Kawasaki Jetski
    Is there any fuel in the tank and fuel system ? If so and it's good, add some Startron and non ethanol gas. When where they last in the water or had water run though the cooling system ?
  18. 97 Kawi 1100 STX overheating

    Kawasaki Jetski
    Sorry to hear about the friends house. That sucks. You are correct. The drive tang on the pump inserts into the slot on the drive adapter in the stator cover. What specific gaskets are you talking about ? A picture of them would help. Also, the head gasket also has a arrow on it that needs to...
  19. 97 Kawi 1100 STX overheating

    Kawasaki Jetski
    Not familiar with seadoo's, but there is nothing like that on yours. Just the water supply to the engine, and the bilge pump discharge tubes. If you wanted you could pull the pump and check the supply port and impeller clearance. Need to make sure the gaskets are installed correctly. Did you...
  20. 2000 STX 1100 Inconsistant static test

    Kawasaki Jetski
    Test the crank sensor with a ohm meter.
1-20 of 488 Results