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Wanted a 1100 for cruising and found this one in Texas. ended up getting it for 125.00 (yes that's right, 125.00) Didn't run, but was complete. Got into it, and found the electrical box looked like hamburger. Just no other words to decribe it. (water intrusion, wires cut and replace, and wrapped with tape, not soldered or crimped. Don't know if it was wrong, I just tore it out, got the schematic, and the repairs correctly, replace the starter relay, and a new regulator. Now we have power !!!! YEA !!!! Dash works !!!! Starter works !!! Engine turns over !!!!! Impeller not seized !!! WOOOHOOO !!!! Now to clean and polish, Ugggg !!! Looks good now. Now to tackle the bottom of the hull. Engine and everything out, bars, and cowling off. Lots of work. Filled bad spots, and paint. Split cases, and installed new crank seals, found that the drive shaft bearing was completely wasted (ripped the rubber around the bearing apart, and wore the shaft down). New drive shaft, and bearing, Engine back in, and reassembled (11/30/2016), little fuel down the carbs, and WOOOOHOOOO !!! SHE FIRED RIGHT OFF !!!. All in all, I'm about 250 or less into this total. That includes the ski, gas, food for two (buds have to do this stuff together), and all the parts.
1996 Kawasaki STX1100 (Red/White)



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