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  1. Honda Jetski
    Hey everyone, Has anyone here put a straight pipe on their R-12x? I've been getting conflicting opinions on whether it is a good upgrade or not. I've been hearing it helps with the lower end throttle response and sounds a lot better. I've also heard it is obnoxiously loud and hated by...
  2. Honda Jetski
    Hi all, first time post. Have an odd problem. Ski will crank but not start. Here’s the strange part: It will crank out of water, but not in water. Took it to a mechanic, he charged battery and immediately started. At home started it several times over a few weeks. No problem. Just put it in the...
  3. Honda Jetski
    Hey everyone! So I just picked up a 2005 Aquatrax f-12 (non turbo sadly) but I was wondering if anyone has the owners/service manual in PDF form? I looked online but only found the R-12x not sure how big of differences there are for stuff. Thanks in advance!
  4. Custom Honda Aquatrax F12-X\F-12stereo

    Finally a true stereo solution for the F12\F12-X custom pods molded to fit perfect. No damage to the hull anywhere. No screws or holes to be drilled. Sounds amazing, loud and clear and can hear the music at wide open throttle and even over a straight pipe exhaust! Message me if you're interested!
  5. Honda Jetski
    I have a 2007 aquatrax F-12X (no GPS), I was messing around with the digital screen and thought I would set the clock, somehow I digitally locked the unit and cannot remember what the three digit code is. Is there anyway to unlock it manually? Have tried four dealers in my area, Louisville...
1-5 of 5 Results