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  1. Honda Jetski
    My Aquatrax Cylcinder 3 is miss firing. It happens when it.s cold and sometime runs well when hot. I check compression and there are all good (185). I change the plugs and coils, but the problem is still the same.
  2. Honda Jetski
    Need some help tightening up my steering cable followed it all the way up under my Handle bars dose it tighten clock wise or anticlockwise just had something in my head someone saying anti. Cheers 👍
  3. Honda Jetski
    Not too long ago, used 87 for a couple fill ups (didn’t know it mattered) after a while it then suddenly shut off and ran weird… after that, used sea foam and the right gas and after that it ran great full speed for probably 7 hours. Now my warning beep keeps going off after 30 minutes of...
  4. Honda Jetski
    We have a 2006 ARX1200T3. The instrument cluster LCD display is week, in some areas it's impossible to read. Our problem is not the polarized lens. I have found organizations that will replace the lens, but I have not found anyone that can repair the unit, and according to most parts...
  5. Honda Jetski
    Hello All, I received the dreaded code 25 so I purchased a new ECU and after I installed the new ECU she ran great way faster than before. Hitting 63 MPH!! Well after about 20 minutes to a half hour the temp light came on and went into limp mode indicating she was overheating. So I replaced the...
1-5 of 5 Results