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honda aquatrax
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  1. Honda Jetski
    Not too long ago, used 87 for a couple fill ups (didn’t know it mattered) after a while it then suddenly shut off and ran weird… after that, used sea foam and the right gas and after that it ran great full speed for probably 7 hours. Now my warning beep keeps going off after 30 minutes of...
  2. Honda Jetski
    We have a 2006 ARX1200T3. The instrument cluster LCD display is week, in some areas it's impossible to read. Our problem is not the polarized lens. I have found organizations that will replace the lens, but I have not found anyone that can repair the unit, and according to most parts...
  3. Honda Jetski
    Hello All, I received the dreaded code 25 so I purchased a new ECU and after I installed the new ECU she ran great way faster than before. Hitting 63 MPH!! Well after about 20 minutes to a half hour the temp light came on and went into limp mode indicating she was overheating. So I replaced the...
1-3 of 3 Results