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  1. Yamaha Jetski
    I’m looking at a 2008 Yamaha Vx Deluxe with 32 hours. It’s only been in fresh water and the owner said he used it once or twice a year. It is winterized and stored at a dealer right now and I should be picking it up in the next few months. Should I be worried about anything because of the low hours?
  2. Yamaha Jetski
    I've got a 2018 Yamaha VX deluxe that is having an issue. As soon as you pull the throttle, it speeds up to 15-17mph, stutters for a second, and then immediately takes off. and has no problems going full speed. No weird sounds coming from the ski. Nothing in the intake. Any ideas? Thanks all!
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    General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    A few guys on Pine Lake were loading their jet skis onto their trailer and someone had these floating guides on their trailer...made it look so easy to load. I talked to him and he raved about how great they worked. Went online and found them at Also found a set on ebay...
  4. Honda Jetski
    I need help with my jet ski. There is no power throughout the system, however, when I use a amp meter and jump the 5 amp ign meter and the 30 main fuses the system starts. I have a new battery, new main starter relay and still can’t figure it out. All terminals have been cleaned off as well and...