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  1. Yamaha Jetski
    Hello! I was given a 2004 Yamaha fx140 from a family member. It started fine but had a significant rod knock. I have lots of experience with older two stroke skis but this is my first 4 stroke. Pulling the motor was no problem, found the bad bearing, replaced it and the rod, cleaned the whole...
  2. Honda Jetski
    Hi all, first time post. Have an odd problem. Ski will crank but not start. Here’s the strange part: It will crank out of water, but not in water. Took it to a mechanic, he charged battery and immediately started. At home started it several times over a few weeks. No problem. Just put it in the...
  3. Yamaha Jetski
    I recently purchased a 96 wave venture from a friend, he said it probably has about 50 hrs on it but it’s been sitting for 10+years. The fuel was already drained when I got it so I added a few gallons and some oil because the injection system has been removed. I ran a compression test and the...
  4. General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    hello there i have oil and new cranks over but doesnt not started yesterday but not today..please help it would be highly app..
  5. Yamaha Jetski
    Please, before giving me the obvious things, understand I have a working jetski that I have pulled the battery out of and it still won't start. I push the bottom and nothing. No click, crank or noise of any kind. It seems to have a loose connection somewhere but I cannot for the life of me...
1-5 of 5 Results