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yamaha waverunner

  1. 1991 yamaha 650 won't start

    Vintage Jetski
    New stator, magneto, carb completely gone through. Doesn't seem to be any fuel getting to the heads. I have spark..I just don't know what else to do. The start/stop switches are okay, the fuel lines seem clear, the petcock works. It just will not fire, turns over, has compression.
  2. Brand New waverunner vx cruiser HO won’t rev past 6500rpm

    Yamaha Jetski
    Hello, First time posting. But I just bought a brand new vx cruiser HO. Went through the proper break in procedures as per the manual. The last break in step was to keep it under 6000 rpm for 1 hour. Which I did. I was so excited to finally open it up to see what it could really do and at full...
  3. XLT 800 running lean and won’t get on plain without choking.

    Yamaha Jetski
    I’ll try to make this short as I can but I have tried so many things to correct this problem I’m at a lost for next steps. Just bought a 2002 xlt 800 at a good deal with known problems. I checked compression and it is 114 and 116. Carbs were rebuilt last year by a mechanic from previous owner...