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  1. General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Hello everyone, yesterday was on the river with my fx and running great, went to beach it and shut it off then wouldn't restart. On the water I checked for blown fuses, or if something was disconnected and found nothing. However I took off a plug wire and stuck a screwdriver in it and grounded...
  2. Yamaha Jetski
    I just bought a brand new 2021 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO and after following the break in procedures, it seems like there’s a governor that’s limiting the machine of its full power. The fastest speed I’ve been was 48mph at 6700RPM and it won’t go any faster. I have checked the drive control numerous...
  3. Yamaha Jetski
    New to the forum here, so, Greetings. Over the past few years, I’ve acquired a number of old Yamaha Waverunners and I’ve been having an issue with one of the 1988 500’s. Since the first time I started it, the bendix wasn’t staying engaged while cranking the engine over, I assumed this was...
  4. Vintage Jetski
    New stator, magneto, carb completely gone through. Doesn't seem to be any fuel getting to the heads. I have spark..I just don't know what else to do. The start/stop switches are okay, the fuel lines seem clear, the petcock works. It just will not fire, turns over, has compression.
  5. Yamaha Jetski
    Hello, First time posting. But I just bought a brand new vx cruiser HO. Went through the proper break in procedures as per the manual. The last break in step was to keep it under 6000 rpm for 1 hour. Which I did. I was so excited to finally open it up to see what it could really do and at full...
  6. Yamaha Jetski
    I’ll try to make this short as I can but I have tried so many things to correct this problem I’m at a lost for next steps. Just bought a 2002 xlt 800 at a good deal with known problems. I checked compression and it is 114 and 116. Carbs were rebuilt last year by a mechanic from previous owner...
1-6 of 6 Results