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  1. Yamaha Jetski
    I’ve got a 94 Yamaha wave runner 3. I got from some guy sat for a little. I got it running cleaned the carb, cleared out fuel lines, new spark plugs and made sure there was nothing clogging up the impeller. I turn it on while hooked up to hose runs great but after a little when I go to give it...
  2. Yamaha Jetski
    Hello! I was given a 2004 Yamaha fx140 from a family member. It started fine but had a significant rod knock. I have lots of experience with older two stroke skis but this is my first 4 stroke. Pulling the motor was no problem, found the bad bearing, replaced it and the rod, cleaned the whole...
  3. Yamaha Jetski
    Hello all, getting ready for the season. While trying to start my 2000 Yamaha SUV Waverunner it would crank but wouldn't start. I realized that the ski was locked so I tried to remember the code. After numerous attempts I ended up unplugging the blue connector and resetting lock code. Upon...
  4. General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    I’ve got a 93 vxr pro and it’s I rebuilt the carb and got fresh gaskets on the intake and when it starts up it will rev to the limiter every time
  5. General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Hi I have a 2007 VX1100 it’s been sitting up a few months now and won’t start It is turning over fine. The dash lights up as normal I can hear the pump working. Iv taken the spark plugs out to see if they would spark but none of them did. Iv checked all fuses and there fine, all the wiring...
  6. General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Hello everyone, yesterday was on the river with my fx and running great, went to beach it and shut it off then wouldn't restart. On the water I checked for blown fuses, or if something was disconnected and found nothing. However I took off a plug wire and stuck a screwdriver in it and grounded...
  7. Yamaha Jetski
    The name of this category should be Yamaha Waverunner and not Yamaha Jetski. Just a personal opinion but if you ask the Yamaha company, I think you would find that they would agree. It is a brand
  8. Yamaha Jetski
    Hi, I recently bought a what I believe to be 91-93 Yamaha wr500 wave runner, but I'm having trouble finding a new carb to put on that I'm positive will fit. Does anyone know where I can get one that will for sure fit?
  9. Yamaha Jetski
    I recently purchased a 96 wave venture from a friend, he said it probably has about 50 hrs on it but it’s been sitting for 10+years. The fuel was already drained when I got it so I added a few gallons and some oil because the injection system has been removed. I ran a compression test and the...
  10. New Member Introductions
    I have a 2008 Yamaha 1100VX that has run great for years. When it's in the water it will run at idle until you give it gas, then it cuts the power, has steam coming out of the pisser, starts the beep of death and lights up the check engine light. I checked for a clog and pulled the ski out...
  11. General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    I have a 1997 Yamaha WB2 that had a bad starter and starter relay. I replace the relay with an OEM one and the starter with an aftermarket SBT starter. While I was in there I checked all the power wires and they all were good. So I put the Jet Ski back together hooked up the hose and it fired...
  12. Aftermarket Performance
    I am new to jet ski, but have been boating for years. I have a 1996 Yamaha Wave Raider 1100 and need to rebuild the stock carbs. Yamaha said the OEM parts are no longer available. Where do you all get your parts from? Thanks in advance.
  13. General PWC & Jetski Discussion
    Hi i have an issue with my 2015 yamaha fxsvho 1.8 when i start it outside the water even with hose on it revs out of control, when opening throttle and releasing it goes down but then goes up againg tried it in the water and it revs just about rite but notice it has a bit of power loss any idea...
  14. Yamaha Jetski
    New to the forum here, so, Greetings. Over the past few years, I’ve acquired a number of old Yamaha Waverunners and I’ve been having an issue with one of the 1988 500’s. Since the first time I started it, the bendix wasn’t staying engaged while cranking the engine over, I assumed this was...
  15. Yamaha Jetski
    Hello everyone, I am new to this forum as I just picked up my first wave runner as a project. I got a 1998 Yamaha GP 760, the guy said it died on him and now will only crank if the spark plugs are removed. I havenot tried messing with it yet but plan to hook power up to it this week. Any advise...
  16. Honda Jetski
    I’m selling my Honda F12 Turbocharged 3 seater 4 stroke. It runs great and for a 2002, this ski is in great shape. With or without a trailer. Only 269 hours. I even have the original owners manual. Has been taken care of is why it runs so good.
  17. Yamaha Jetski
    Hello all, I have been trying to sell my ski for about a month or so now. I had many people interested but I have had about 3 people ask me what the color of the engine cover is on my ski? I have no idea why that matters exactly the waverunner is bone stock with factory motor. They ask if the...
  18. Yamaha Jetski
    I’m looking at a 2008 Yamaha Vx Deluxe with 32 hours. It’s only been in fresh water and the owner said he used it once or twice a year. It is winterized and stored at a dealer right now and I should be picking it up in the next few months. Should I be worried about anything because of the low hours?
  19. Yamaha Jetski
    I've got a 2018 Yamaha VX deluxe that is having an issue. As soon as you pull the throttle, it speeds up to 15-17mph, stutters for a second, and then immediately takes off. and has no problems going full speed. No weird sounds coming from the ski. Nothing in the intake. Any ideas? Thanks all!
  20. Vintage Jetski
    New stator, magneto, carb completely gone through. Doesn't seem to be any fuel getting to the heads. I have spark..I just don't know what else to do. The start/stop switches are okay, the fuel lines seem clear, the petcock works. It just will not fire, turns over, has compression.
1-20 of 30 Results