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I have a 01 GTX with 951 Carberated engine. I had the back piston burn up and changed the jug and pistons out with a top end cylinder kit from SBT. I started the machine with a hose and ran for 15 mins with no problems. When I took it for a lake test it ran a little ways then quit (100 yards) then it would start and stall. I found that there was no gas comming out of the fuel pump. I can get fuel out of the fuel pump if I put a hose on the fuel pump fitting that comes from the crankcase and suck and blow on that line (nice stream)With the line from the crankcase the fuel out of the pump just spits a (poor stream out). With my finger over the crankcase hose I can feel vacuume then pressue on that line. I inspected the fuel pump diaphrams and check valve and they looked good as far as I could see. Any suggestions?
Thanks Russ:confused
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