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Bought this a couple of weeks ago, previous owner met me at a local river and rode it for me. At the time it struggled to start the first few tries, but we chalked it up to being cold.

Stupidly, I never pulled the drain plugs or checked in the hull after he rode it till he was gone.

After when I did pull them, water came out which made me nervous. Ended up taking it to the lake today.

Backed it in, didn’t look to be taking on any water. I then tried to start it and it tried to turn over but would die, then I heard a steady stream of water. Checked in the hull and water was pouring in from the back, behind the Carbon seal.

Any ideas? I’m at a loss. Tried getting a cheap SeaDoo to get back on the water and it looks like I may have screwed myself here.

Side note, tried starting it twice and couldn’t get it to run.

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