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03 1100 zxi problem

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so i was out at the lake riding was out there for three days and on the last day i was out on the water and fell off the ski and tried to get back on it and it was in the water more then normal. so i had it towed in and it had water all in it most i have ever seen so i pulled it out of the water and drained it and tried to start the ski but would not fire up tried to choke it and its getting gas it would make the noise that it does when it wants to start but still would not kick over any help? lost and want to go back out next week
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I had my 98 1100 zxi almost sink last year, everything was completely submerged. I removed the spark plugs and tuned the engine over to get three large geysers of water out of the holes. we wound up removing the carbs completely, lifting the front end with a fork lift till it was completely verticle. That allowed the water to drain out that was trapped behind the reeds. The Ignition box also got soaked so we dried it all out, re-assembled lubed the cylinders, new spark plugs, shot some starter fluid in and it started right up hope that helps some.
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