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03 F12X Turbo Water in oil and stuck waste gate advice

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I just bought this ski about 6 weeks ago CHEAP, and now I know why. I freed up the turbo and checked the oil, oil looked good on the stick. I put in a new battery and fresh gas and it started up, I ran it about 30 seconds and shut it off. a few days later I hooked up a hose to it, started the ski and after about 30 seconds turned on the water and ran it for a minute or 2, turned off the water and let it run a minute then turned it off. Now, I wish I had checked the oil BUT being anxious to see what it would do I put it in the water and it had now power, I ran it maybe 10 to 15 minutes and pulled it out and flushed it and started looking for codes and why it has no power, took the water muffler, turbo and wastegate housing off. The wastegate is stuck, I can move the arm with plyers but it is stiff so I'm soaking it in penetrating oil, I might try some acetone mixed with ATF if I cant get it loosened up. Now, when I pulled the oil line off the turbo it is milky white oil so I pulled the dip stick and it is too so was it like that before going in the water, I don't know but need advice on what I should check and what order? I haven't seen any water anywhere so far with what I've removed and the turbo is clean, no rust inside so is it possible that water was in it before I ran it in water and it just sat for a year and all the water was at the bottom separated or not. The guy I got it from hadn't ran it in a year do to the turbo being stuck.

rhutson in NC
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Do a search on the site. A member had this similar issue with his. Don't bother with the waste gate. It is toast, and will need to be replaced.
If memory serves me, you are probably going to have to get a new intercooler (if it has one), and some new exhaust manifold parts. You will also need to change the oil many times so you can get all the water diluted oil out.
I saw that other post but what I need to know is what tests need to be done to determine where the water is getting in, or how to figure that out. I see where someone talks about a leak down test or something?
Leakdown and compression tests check the internal condition of the engine and head gasket. If memory serves me, what I have read in the past is that engine is notorious for waste gate and exhaust manifold problems. As far as the intercooler, you will have to pressureize it to check for leaks.
Sorry to hear, I just got into a '06 F-12X

It has run up to 65mph indicated, so I know the Turbo is spooling hard.

But I have NEVER been able to move the turbo actuator by hand or with pliers...
Not sure why mine is this "sticky"...

I'm actually very curious about why that is
I am having a similar issue with my S 12 X turbo engine as well it did not get winterized correctly I replace the front cover and oil cooler and two of the 90° cracked joints that bolt to the block but I’m still getting water in the oil. When I disconnect the intercooler and exhaust water cooling line but leave the other cooling lines hooked up that feed the front cover and block that’s when I seem to fill the crank case up with water is there any pop caps that I’m missing or am I going to be looking at a crackhead or cracked block?
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