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In the fall I winterized my FX140 according to the yamaha owners manual...same as I do every year....flush, blow water out, fog, change oil. Last weekend I had to move it out of the boat house due to selling the lake house. The temperature had gotten down to around 15 degrees the night before, and didn't get about freezing all day. When I backed the waverunner down into the water it started fine, and I started towards to dock. Before 2 minutes had gone by the water temperature warning light and beeping started going off. My question is what was causing it to overheat? Was something frozen inside, and as soon as it thaws I should be fine, or is something more serious going on? FYI...the intake grate is not clogged, and water was coming out through the visibility spout.

Any help is appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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