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Hello All,

My first time here at PWC and first post as well.

I have an 03' Gp1300r with a Riva Stage 1 performance kit on it. I use it alot, but so doesn't my buddies. Friend pull up on a beach and when leaving didn't push it out far enough and took in some dirt. Dinged up my impeller housing and impeller. I lost a whole bunch of top end. I also have an 08' Ultra 250X and my gp have the same exact top end on GPS at 65.3mph, but my gp has no dropped to 61mph on gps because of the sand damage.

I got a nice used impeller housing but now I need an impeller. We use them on our lake in Maine, so top speed is more my interest. Should I get the impeller that came with the riva stage 1 kit, or is there another impeller that I can get that will give me a little bit more top end? :dunno:


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