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Hi guys. Needing some help BIGTIME! Customer brings me an "03" Sportster LE (951 carb)...he's been tinkering with for months. I check's I rebuild topend with 88.5 wiseco's ( bores have .006" clear) I also rebuilt the carbs ( he was tinkerin ) and I gave it A tad more fuel (1/4 mag, 1/2 pto)...fires up sounds perfect. Run the boat & it will only pull 5-5500rpm.Plugs are nice I lean em about 1/16. Scuffed the crap out of the pistons. When I tore it down...lots of fuel in the crankcase...runs fine out of the water. I have the engine on the bench & i'm gonna go through the bottom end for 100% sealing.

I've rebuilt quite A few of these in the past...but have been out of the loop for about 8 years from back surgery...things have changed A little!! Throw me some bones...I'd appreciate it bigtime! Gonna be A garage weekend.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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