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Today my family and I went to the Potomac river on our boat and brought our Waverunner. It started right up when we put the waverunner in the water. After water-skiing my uncle wanted to try and water-ski. I started up the Waverunner and tried to give it some throttle and it quickly died! I thought I had hit the "Stop" button. So I tried again and it died upon acceleration. I tried to start it up once more and it kept cranking and I just stop. We let it rest for about 30 minutes and tried to start it up again and it quickly died when giving it throttle. This has never happened before. My Uncle said it could be the Fuel Filter? It got a Tune-up about 2 years ago when it had 75 hours. Now it has 105 Hours on it. Has anybody had this issue before? I don't want to Pay Coleman powersports $100 to Diagnose this problem!

I live in Northern Virginia. If anybody could help me I am willing to pay! Thanks a lot!
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