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Any one had problems with fuel gauge reading full w/ full tank. Works to 3/4 tank and stays there regardless of amount of fuel in tank.Any ideas on trouble shooting? Thanks
Could be a problem with the LED just not showing the top light on the bar. More likely is a problem with the float/sensor system. Inside the fuel tank (attached to the fuel pump module, which fits down through the top center of the tank) there is a float attached to a wire that moves up or down with the fuel level. I've heard that sometimes the float can become saturated with fuel, or stuck. You can remove the fuel pump module and check the float. It may be possible to dry out the float or replace it to fix the problem..........may not be worth your time unless the problem gets worse.

It is possible to remove the fuel pump module without removing the engine. There are 9 nuts holding a plate on the top of the module that need to be removed.

Hope this helps!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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