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Greetings! I am new to marine craft, and have several questions about my 2005 FX Cruiser HO that I purchased and ran all last summer with no issues whatsoever. The ski has approx 125 hours on it and is due for some maintenance. I've ordered the factory Yamaha service manual and am anxious to get started, so I thought I'd get some advice here too. First off, what oil is best for marine engines? I've used Mobile 1 in everything I've owned for years and want to know if marine oils have additives that are specific to the boating world (moisture resistance?) Nothing against Yamalube, but I do like Mobile 1 products. Second, I'd love to get a bit more hp out the ski, are there aftermarket air filters like K&N that help the motor breathe better than the OEM filter? Lastly, and most unfortunately, the ski would not turn over after sitting since last Oct. I did do a winterize last fall with flushing the cooling system, cleaning and lubing everything, and adding fuel stabilizer. I DID NOT, however, disconect the battery from the cables like it says in the owners manual. DUH. I put a meter on the battery today and it read 8.1 Volts. I'm under the assumption this is a 12VDC system, so the battery either needs charging or replacement. I'd like to to charge the battery, and see what happens. Should I charge it on standard or deep cycle mode? Thanks in advance for the advice on these three items.

Steve F
Atlanta GA
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