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1. Marine oils have additives that help with moisture, etc. that occur in a marine environment. The best ones have a FC-W rating by NMMA: http://webcache.googleusercontent.c...&gl=us&client=firefox-a& I know one guy that runs Mobile 1, but he changes the oil at really frequent intervals (like 20 hours). I know for a fact that a friend of mine contacted Mobile, and ask specifically about running their oil in his ski, and the tech told him, and I quote "absolutely not". In his case the ski was still under warranty, and the tech told him he could possibly void his warranty. He ended up going with Royal Purple synthetic after he talked with their tech. Evidently the RP has the necessary additives, and is close to being certified by NMMA, but it is expensive at over $10 per quart. Fortunately, you have other good choices as seen from the list like Quicksilver, Mystik, and Amsoil. I'm running Amsoil 10W-40 Marine 4 stroke in mine. Interestingly Yamaha recommends their 10W-40 4W (W=watercraft, M=outboard motor) for their skis, but this oil has not been certified FC-W by NMMA as of yet, although their 10W-30 outboard oil has. I know some guys that run 4M (outboard) oil in their skis, but others that say you should run only 4W (watercraft).
2. I like the K&N oil filters, just because they are easier to get off (they have a lug on the back). There are after market air filters made by both R&D and Riva, both are a few $ less than the OEM air filter (still expensive $85+), but will provide no measurable performance improvement over the OEM filter. No reason to change the air filter unless it has oil on it, or is excessively dirty.
3. If that was the original battery then it is dead (8 volts = bad)........they do not survive a full discharge. The only batteries that do are the deep cycle type. Even if you can get it to accept a charge, it will be unreliable, and die on you when least expected. Get a new one. I recommend AGM type. Many guys really like the Odyssey: PC625 Odyssey Battery Expensive, but very long lasting, and vibration resistant. If your battery is a sealed deep cycle type, you might be able to revive it. Get yourself a Battery Tender Junior to put your battery on next year.
4. For a guide on changing oil, plugs, and other maintenance check out this site and scroll down: Technical Tips for your Yamaha PWC / Jet ski - Full Wave Marine
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