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Hello Folks,
New to the forum and already needing advice/help. My FXHO with 50 hrs on it came apart in the bottom end yesterday and there are pieces of the block in the hull. It's an '06 and had problems at 22 hrs last year in '07 and the local Yamaha dealer kept the ski for 1 1/2 years trying to iron out a "warped head" problem they claimed locked up cylinders 1 & 2. They tried to claim it was flushed wrong (it was definitely not) and finally put in a new Yamaha block and an SBT head. All's been fine until yesterday with 50 hrs on the clock. I was on a river about an hour away from the launch running about 30 mph, around 5k rpm, and it bogged down like it was running out of fuel or water in the fuel for about 5 seconds before I heard a loud bang and it shut down. It was a harrowing experience as I was without power in a rushing river. It put me in a tree'd up bank and when I got the seat off, I saw oil and pieces of the block in the hull. Guess I was lucky it didn't go through the hull and sink the damn thing. After many hours stranded and out of cell phone coverage a boat finally came and towed me back in.
I'm looking for any advice on how to go about dealing with Yamaha customer service or getting the craft repaired. My local dealer says all they offered was 90 days after the initial repair....period. And that was last year in '08.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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