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My brother has a great story about the week long process of getting the filter off his VX. Long-story-short, he ended up taking it 3 different places after trying everything himself. He finally found a mechanic that had the perfect sized filter wrench who managed to get it off.

Here are some things to try: Drive a screw-driver through the filter to give you a handle to help you turn it. Try to work a razor blade between the filter and the gasket, since the rubber gasket is where it is stuck.........good luck with that unless you are a contortionist. Heat the filter up (hot air gun) to try to soften the gasket (use gloves). Find a band type wrench that fits tightly and get it as close to the base of the filter as possible.

When you do get it off the most important thing to do to prevent the problem next time is to lubricate the gasket with some oil or preferably grease before you put the new one on, don't over tighten, and get a K&N filter that has a lug on the back that makes getting them off 100% easier if they are stuck.
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