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I have an 07 gp1300r with 17 hours on it, runs great starts fine BUT.

I got stuck on a sandbar, after pushing for a 1/2hour i became exhausted. So the only way for me to get it out, was to turn the Ski on and give it a decent amount of throttle as i was pushing. It was all clean sand, no rocks.

As soon as I got out, i noticed that at low mph when i would give it full throttle the Ski would stutter and rev out exactly as it would if you were riding around with a clogged intake grate, but shes not clogged. Once it reaches about 20mph it flys to 73mph no problem, but low mph no torque at all.

I flushed the Ski out big time, runs great and starts fine. Ive used the ski once since, hoping it needed a good flushing but, still the same problem.

Any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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