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hi i recently rode a new rxp and was riding it fine at 68 mph. i decided to explore a creek that was posted only to find it was 4 inches deep i was moving about 35 when it happend, it stuck and i flew 30 feet only to land in deep water, i was fine but my ski was just sitting there idling on a boulder, it sounded like a baby crying , it shut off so i shoved it back into the creek and it wouldent start i dragged it back to the river and got it to start it grinded to abot 2000 rpms thats it eventaly it got up to 40 mph. you wont belive what happens next i was nearing the launch ramp when suddenly i hit a submerged rock it immdetly lost power and took on water. i was fucked. it sunk like a bitch to the botom of the sesqhuahnna. i swamp to shore and climbed up on the bank only to meet my wife she said what took you so long? it gets worse it wasnt mine. it was my buddys.

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going 35mph in a place you never been was really smart
better count your blessings bro

sounds like you have no navigation skills at all

it is people like you that give PWC'S a bad name

you were reckless driving and you know it

better go float that ski and get it running:appl:
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