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07 RXT Possible Problem

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I have a 2007 RXT, 80hrs, only mod is a Top-Loader Intake Grate. The water in my area is now around 82 degrees with high humidity. The rpm levels I'm getting out of the ski are peaking at 7800rpm (in the morning when its cooler), and 7680-7760 closer to noon. These too low to ignore, at least to me. My dealer said that those are perfect numbers, and there is no problem but I have been told otherwise (Riva techs). I am putting a Stage 1 kit on next week, but before I want to make sure everything is in good condition as the warranty will be voided. Any ideas or advice?

Thanks in advance
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your fine hotter temps lower rpm
Yeah, thats what I figured, just wanted someone to back me up! I asked a Riva tech who basically went crazy and tried to make me buy a handbook to check the slip point on the supercharger clutch. The guys at the dealer said the same thing as you though so it must be fine.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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