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08 Kawa Ultra 250x

The last 1/4 of the throttle does nothing. It would normally have the extra speed and torque giving me that top speed we all know and love.

Max RPMs are 7500 and top speed is maybe 60. There is a spot on the throttle that just does nothing but consumes more fuel. It also does not have the start torque it used to have.

Burn patter on plugs look good. Belt is tight. New oil and new SC oil. Prop is in good condition, but not perfect. Have not located any tube leaks. On the trailer, it sounds really good. Some rattle from the shaft, but nothing that sounds out of place.

I do get a Batt signal for the first few minutes. Never changed the fuel pickup filter or injectors. The boat just seems like its being held back.

Searching for ideas here.

Thank you in advance!
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