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My 2008 VX110 Deluxe is running a bit rough, missing at low RPM's, alot of spitting and sputtering.

I have two and always use the same gas and occasional Stabil along with the gas.

Had a suggestion to check and maybe change the spark plugs. I assume they are under that wax looking plug.

How do I get that wax plug out, without ruining it?

Thank you.

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You will need the following to do this:
4 - NGK - CR9EB Plugs
10mm Socket
5/8" Spark Plug Socket
Anti-Seize compound compatible with Aluminum
Gap Checker (0.7-0.8 mm)
Torgue Wrench capable of 9.2 ft/lbs

They are under the 4 coil packs.

You need to remove the 10mm bolt holding the coil to the valve cover. Pinch the two wire connector going to the coil and pull gently to remove from the coil. Twist and pull gently on the coil to remove from the plug.

Make sure nothing in down by the plug before removal. If anything vacum it out to keep it out of the cylinder. Remove old plug. Check gap on new plug. Apply some anti-seize compound to threads of new plug. Gently insert new plug and hand tighten to make sure threads are not crossed. Tighten to 9.2 ft/ lbs with torgue wrench. Slide coil pack back down onto the plug. You should feel it click onto the plug. Align the hole with the bolt threads in valve cover. Install bolt and snug. Don't recall exact torgue, but does not need to be real tight. Some suggest applying removal loctite formula to threads. Repeat for other 3 cylinders.

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