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ok so i drug out my ski and my buddies ski to check on their running condition before considering when to take them out this summer. Mine fired up right off... naturally.

His is a bone stock 87 550 js (except a ) of course does not fire. so i start going through my checks. I started with spark since the primer i installed assures fuel. the back cylinder had spark. then i took off the front plug grounded it and it too had spark. However when I was checking for the spark in the front cylinder the moter started and ran on the rear cylinder alone. So after a bunch of tinkering heres where i'm at.

If the spark plug is removed from the front cylinder the engine runs... granted like crap since its on one cylinder but runs... and idles no problem. If the rear spark plug is removed and the front one is in i get nothing... same if i have both plugs in. both plugs are good and getting spark. I was thinking "ok why isnt the one cylinder getting fuel" but its a single carb so i dont think that holds water. Anyone got any ideas on what i'm looking at? My compression gauge is broken so i havent checked the compressions yet. is this sounding like a ski that need to be rebuilt?
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