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Polaris 1200 DI Need Help!!!!!!

I take care of cabins in NW wisconsin and have now run across 2 polaris 1200 DI with lots of problems.

1. 2001 Genesis with a scored piston and gauged cylinder. After 2 months and about 450.00 we located the parts put it back together it still wouldn't run. Come to find out the ecm is bad after a month and 1400.00 we got a new one and it runs, but the engine bay is filling up with smoke and don't know why. Well after a lot of thinking we went on a whim that the exaughst baffels were cracked. sure enough both were and after 2 months and about 400.00 it was a put back together and runs but too late to test ride.

The other:

2. 2000 or 2001 Virage all three pistons scored and cylinders gauged look just like the other piston and cylinder. This one ran before we took it apart did a compression test and got 85-125-75. now with an estimate of 1450.00 to fix it my customer is thinking about junking it.:dunno:

What is causing these things to burn down like this and is it a very common probblem. What type of oil should be used in these things. I've talked to a couple dealers and they say this series is the reason polaris doesn't make jetskis anymore.

I owned a 95 SL 750 and absolutely loved it. Great machine.

Thanks ahead for the help
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