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98 XL1200 question

I've got a 98 1200 xl with another bad motor (#3 failure blew rear seal). I have an 1100 out of a 97 yamaha that is supposed to be fresh, however a compression test resulted in 120 psi on all 3. Is this too low? My question is, has anyone out there attempted to convert a 1200 to an 1100? I tried it with the 1200 ignition system and carbs. The 1100 only has 1 port for the fuel pumps on the 1200 carbs and the ignition system is completely different. It barely runs with the 1200 ign. I'm not sure how to wire it to the 1100 ign system. It seems that the firing order is the same based on piton tdc and ign pick up location. Any help? or am I wasting my time on this thing.
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