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Ok, so I have been tasked with taking care of a 99 Kawasaki 150 ultra.
I replaced on piston and ring set that was burnt up due to lack of a oil line being hooked up to the carb. I got it all back together and got it started( pain in the arse) ran it around the lake for about half an hour never going full throttle and never staying at a constant speed.
Came in, shut it down and let it cool down.
Went back out again for about half an hour with no problems.
On my way back in it died and was acting like it has seized, Wouldnt crank at all. Waved down another jet ski (two of the hottest girls I have ever seen, If only i wasnt married. LOL)
When i got it back in i took the plugs out and sprayed some wd40 in the cylinders, let it cool all the way down and sprayed a lil bit more in. Hit the starter and it cranked. (whew)

So now it dosn't want to start, It is acting like it isn't getting any spark.
I took the plug out and layed it on the head while hooked up to the plug wire and hit the starter and got no spark.
This is how I used to check for spark on my 4 wheeler, are jet skis any different?
And if i am doing this correctly then where do i go from here?
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I tried another forum and got absolutely no help, just ended up talking to myself.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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