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1985 kawi 550 no wanna start

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Okay,,I just inherited a 550 kawi:D and it hasn't been run in 10 years. Looks like stabilizers were used to store it. I put battery in and charge it up but starter just clicks. Do I need to take off bottomplate and see if I can give a crank!?:dunno: ;) I am not real familiar with these jet skis so I really could use some help, much appreciated Bill in NY.:appl: :rockin:
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best is remove the 4 engine bolts
slide motor foward and see if you can turn over by hand
Thanks, I'll try that. I got the jet ski from a friend and now have it on ebay as is. I figured if I can at least get it to turn over then I can go from there. Thanks again for the reply, Bill
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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