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Hello, to start off I want to say that I never even ridden a Sea Doo but have worked on cars and bikes, so I'll try to be descriptive about my problem with this craft.
I'm trying to fix this sea doo, I believe its a 1988 (says on the back of hull) and the engine is a 580cc White Rotax (I believe a 587, right?). The problem is that it will crank but show no spark. My girlfriends dad (owner) switched the electrical box from another sea doo and it started right away, but he had to return the box to his brother. I've been trying to find a replacement "electrical box" but is hard to find.
I have downloaded the 1990 manual which is close but not the same and came to a possible conclusion, could it be the ignition module? how do I test that?
Where can I buy a replacement box or a new module?
What do you guys suggest on approaching a solution to make this sea doo work?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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