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I recently purchased an '89 Kawasaki 300sx stand-up jet ski as an introduction to the stand up style. The guy I bought it from said he had run it about 3 years ago and it was working fine but that it had been sitting in the garage since then. After working out some starter relay issues and cleaning out a lot of old gas, I was able to get it running pretty well. However, when I took it out on the water, after running good for about 2 minutes, it died and would only run on full choke after that. I figured I needed to adjust the low end carb screw but unfortunately, the end is broken off which makes it really hard to adjust. I've taken the carb off and broken it down to clean it (its the original Mikuni BN carb). I started looking for a replacement screw and it looks like they are around 25 bucks. I also read a lot of posts and websites that said the original Mikuni carbs were notorious for being hard to tune. I'm planning on putting the carb back together tomorrow and give it a shot but in the meantime, I've been trying to figure out if there is a cheap and easy way to just replace the carb with a newer model (new or rebuilt). Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to find a good replacement? Most of the replacements I've found are around $250 and I'd like to keep the cost for the replacement carb under $100. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

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