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1989 Kawasaki 550sx starting/elctrical issues

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I recently recieved a 1989 Kawasaki 550sx from my uncle for free because it was taking up room in his garage and he had a few already so he said i could just have it and a bunch of extra parts for it. I pulled and rebuilt all the seals on the while motor and put it back together and in. I bought a new battery for it and put it in. Now i'm having troublr getting it to even turn the starter. I have the battery all charged up (i even hooked up a jump pack to it to make sure that wasn't the problem) and when i hit the start button all i get is a clicking noise from the electrical box and every once and a while the started would start to crank for a second and stop. I pulled the electrical box apart to see what the clicking noise was from and found it was according to the kawasaki parts diagram the magnetic switchin there. So my question is does anyone know what that would mean? Is the switch bacd or the starter? Or does it mean something else is bad? This is my first jet ski i have built so i'm not very familiar with them yet and any help so i can get out on the water would be great.
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