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1989 wr500 torque head bolts

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I'm trying to find out what to torque the head bolts to on my 89 waverunner wr500. I took it out thinking I had a blown head gasket only to find out the the exhaust box had a hole in it. There was oil and smoke around the head and I thought it was that. My son found the small hole in the exhaust box.

Also, anyone ever reuse their head gasket if it is in good shape. I wanted to run it this weekend and the new one won't be in until late next week.
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I've looked everywhere and I still can't find it. Some reference 36 ft lbs.. A friend of mine said 65 which I think is way to high for these heads.
ok, talked with the service dept at a local dealer. They won't work on anything that is 10 years or older. The female that answered said she did not have that info. Then she put me on hold and I guess asked somebody. Came back and said 20 ft lbs. Does that sound right?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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