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Hello, I recently bought a 1990 Kawasaki 650 TS. The engine cranks and runs as good as I would expect any 20 year engine to. There are a few problems that I have found that need repair and I am hoping someone can point me in the best direction on all of them.

First off I am missing the hose that comes from the water box and goes to the water muffler. Just to make sure I have the name on the parts right it is the hose that goes from the box under the oil tank and connects to a pipe that is located at the rear of the boat and leads to an exhaust port to the right of the jet. I think this would be a simple and easy fix, but it looks almost impossible to access the rear pipe and put a new hose on it. Looks like I either need to remove the entire hull somehow or maybe pull the oil and water box. This is the main problem I am worried about to any help would be great.

Next it needs a new battery, I planned on just going and getting the one at walmart that is listed for it, but if anyone has any tips on another battery I am open to listen.

There is some water and oil and grease that has settled to the bottom of the engine compartment. I can not find any bilge system or any drainage plug to let that water get out. I planned on using a shop vac but I am hoping I am just looking over a simpler way to get the water out.

That should get me running good, but if there are any other tips or tricks to tune up this jet ski I would be grateful.
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