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If you haven't cleaned your tank in awhile, the reserve setting sucks right from the bottom of the tank and more likely to pull unwanted sedimnet into your carb. I found the fuel-water seperator isn't a good filter for sediment and will pass right into the carb. If that happens, there is a tiny fuel filter in the carb (on the fuel pump side) that will clog and stave the engine of fuel. You'll have to take the carb off motor to clean it out (I just spray the filter out with carb cleaner). Also, while you're at it, you might as well get a rebuild kit for the carb (or atleast replace the diaphrams). This will improve drawing the fuel supply into the carb from the tank. I did this on mine last year and went from multiple cranks to get my ski to start to a short-one-crank start. Once I was up and running, I also put a inline filter just after the fuel selector valve so next time I just have to clean/replace that filter, instead of tearing my carb apart again. Like I said, the fuel water seperators still allow sedimet to pass through.
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