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1991? Kawasaki 300sx

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Hey all. I'm new here and acquired a Kawasaki 300sx for free and hadnt been run in over 20 years.

I had a 650sx and many other pwc's, rebuilt engines and carbs but have never had to really dig into spark issues.

This one seems to have weak spark and intermittent. I had it running once for just 30 seconds and turned it off because I didn't have a hose hooked up. Now it won't start at all. I can see spark but it is faint. It has 125 compression and i sprayed fuel straight into cylinder to ensure carb/fuel wasn't an issue.

How do I test for spark/ignition power levels? I have already replaced spark plug, snipped plug wire and cleaned connection there.

I appreciate all of your help and am looking forward to being a part of this community!
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Take a non-resistor spark plug (not an extended tip spark plug)
and bend the bridge back flat away from the electrode. Test the
spark against a head nut or other ground source. This is a load test.
If it can jump the ~1/4" gap, it will fire under compression.

If it fails the load test, you need to do an a/c voltage test on the

Bill M.

DId it run on a prime?
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