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I was wondering if someone might be able to give me some insight to what is wrong on my jetski. I would rather not just throw money at it through parts as most of the ones I am looking at are not cheap.

When I first get on the ski it runs fine. It runs fine all the way until I get it up to heat and then while playing and going probably 20 or 25 mph it will all of a sudden cut out and fall on its face. It is almost like it is starving for fuel. So as you might imagine the ski falling on its face would force the ski to come off plane. However once you are in the water it is dang near impossible to get the ski to come back up on plane. If you feather the gas it doesn't work and if you try to pin it the ski will just want to die. It takes about 5 to 6 minutes of working the throttle till she will finally open up again. But then I will be riding along and not 5 minutes after this whole deal she will fall on her face again.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had an issue like this and can give me any insight.

Thanks so much,

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