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hey everyone,
i've got a 91 kawasaki sts, and in the hull it has a 750 twin carb (at least what it says on valve cover). i don't know what exact make and model that is, but im sure one of you pwc guru's will know exactly what i'm talking about.

anyways it doesn't run, changed the plugs, it has spark, but don't really know how to check for fuel with the carb's, or how to really dismantle them. most the stuff i've messed with is nissan or ls1 stuff in cars, and all fuel injected.

if these are known for any big issues or if you have a link or information that could help me out that'd be super rad.

anyways thanks in advance! sorry for the n00b vaugeness, fixing the jetskis for the camp i work at, forgot to find out exactly what kind they are. one runs great but its twin,...does not. i need to fix that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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