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The 500 I can get running and it seems to run good, but if I shut it off I can't get it running again. It fires right up on the trailer as well, but in the water struggles a little initially.

The 650 will start on the trailer. Once in the water I can't get it to fire.

The were both filled up with marine grade mixed gas and had the plugs changed.

I did a compression test on both of them and took pics of the new plugs

500 I got readings of 130 & 115
650 I got readings of 120 & 10

In the pics the red stripe is the 500. Red, black and gray is the 650

What are some ideas what I should try?


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Low idle, low speed mixture screw not adjusted right, low compression.
Idle should be about 1100rpm out of water. Do not use the mixture screws on the side of the carb to set idle speed. The idle screw is on the throttle shaft.
Both engines need to be rebuilt.
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