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I have a stock 1992 550sx that I wanted to give more power to so I bought a west coast pipe and west coast exhaust manifold and water bottle off ebay. The ski was running fine before I put the pipe on. I put on the pipe and parts and when I test drove it it seemed doggy so I adjusted the carb both ways and it only got worse. I checked the plugs and put in new ones as I was checking the color to see if lean or fat was going on and if it is on the lift with enough water to cool and the motor runs up but not right then if I get on it in the water it just barley will pull me back to bank. I took the intake off and looked at the reeds and they looked fine so I wrote the guy who sold it to me on ebay and he said it came off of a non reed motor although he said it was a 550sx. Does the js and the sx run the same west coast pipe or is that a problem? Does anyone know what I can do or does anyone in Florida around the Ocala area work on these older craft. I need some help as I can not find anyone that works or knows about these in this area.
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